Fuck them. Or eat them.

19. září 2014 v 22:43 | Elis. |  Pohrdlivá odfrknutí
I feel misserable again. I don´t even know why am I writing it here.
I have so much anger inside of me. Actually, I don´t give a crap if there are any mistakes.
Things are happening all around me... But I can´t get by. It´s like I´m missing everything. Weather...friends.
I´m being pathetic most of the time. Fortunately, mostly inside my head and not loud.
What the fuck would happened if I spoke my mind once? I don´t know. But really, it won´t be anything much schocking.
I am a real exhibicionist in speaking. Especially about my mind.
It´s a night again...friday night. I´m sitting home. All by myself. Well, with the dog. And cigarettes, which, unfortunately, I´m not allowed to smoke inside. And it´s raining outside. Irony, right?
Time is freezed for me. It´s only one night. Or an year? Now? Then. Shit.
I´m trying to kill some time, so I´m watching movies. But you know what? Not helping. It´s still the same night. The same time. The same fucking mood. What the hell am I doing. Here? Maybe.
I´d love to read. But I can´t. I can´t write proper things. I can´t read books. Shit.
My dog is burfing at the empty hall. Yep, that´s helping.
I shlould just...shut the fuck up, roll some cig and go outside, to feed my paranoia a bit. Yeah, that would be nice.
Good night to all of you, having fun at friday night. Good night to all my dear fucking friends having fun at friday night.
And, for the best, good night to me, totally having fun at friday night.

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1 Syhrael Syhrael | E-mail | Web | 19. září 2014 v 22:55 | Reagovat

It will be OK babe :* keep your chin up please! You are beautiful! <3

2 name name | 20. září 2014 v 8:30 | Reagovat

it's gonna get better, better, better, just keep your head high, it will be ok

3 Elis Avian Elis Avian | 20. září 2014 v 15:00 | Reagovat

Thanks. Really.

4 Ang Ang | Web | 20. září 2014 v 21:10 | Reagovat

"If you can't beat them, might as well eat 'em!"
Just... Hold on, hm?

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